Terminate Changelog

version 0.5.1

  • fixed left-over little bug in query under prompt
  • removed some legacy code in input_object with regards to cancelling input

version 0.5

  • moved io to prompt
  • added queries module under prompt package
  • removed error_message in prompt module
  • merged query and query_list
  • added default values to prompt functions
  • added abstract
  • cleaned-up some of the redunancy in the control module

version 0.4

  • added io.rl. Easier readline completion
  • added io.file_chooser. An input function that returns a nice file object.
  • fixed up some function arguements to take better advantage of python
  • new documentation system and build system.

version 0.3

  • io updated for compatibility with control module
  • kwarg dict added to io.input_object
  • added io.casts.file. Primitive file path input.
  • control when through a major rewrite. control.set_display is gone and control.display replaces it. The new system has much improved terminal support.

version 0.2

  • added io.query and io.query_list
  • updated arguements for input_object
  • added some checking for terminal support in control

version 0.1

  • initial code
  • wrote control, io, and io.casts