Feel like giving terminate some love? There are plenty of tasks that are outside of our core focus at the moment but still ought to be done. If you’re giving any of these a try, send me a message. You don't even need to have any computer knowledge for some of these.

Testing Love

All this requires is a computer and a bit of time. I don't have the resources to test this software on all the different systems available out there. I try to make sure things work on the most popular teminals on Linux and Microsoft Windows, but I don't have access to any Macs or many of the other Operating Systems out there.

If you have a free Mac to donate or some free time this would be great help. I don't have any automated system set up, so just contact me personally.

Feature Request Love

At the moment terminate is still under heavy development and we have our hands full, but even know we're interested in what you want to see use be able to do. If you have any neat ideas I would love to year them.