About terminate

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Author: Alan Trick
Date: 2006-11-03


The terminate package is built to deal with common task on the command line. It involves text input and creating objects with that input, outputting error messages, and handling display attributes and text coloring.

Version Information

This documentation is for terminate version 0.5.1. The version number follows the standard majorversion.minorversion.patchlevel system. At the moment, until terminate becomes stable (reaches version 1.0.0), backwards-compatibility is only guaranted between changes in patchlevel.

When terminate reaches version 1.0.0, the idea is that majorversion will be used whenever there are backwards-incompatible changes introduced; minorversion will be used when any other features are added, and patchlevel will be only for minor bug-fixes.


The terminate package and its contents are free to use and available for distribution under version 2 of the GPL.