Terminate News

This is the project news. For more technical information see the ChangeLog.

version 0.5 (2006-11-13)

For better or for worse, this version has had a lot of API change. Many of the old names were not appropriate or they were reduntant. The ChangeLog has the more important changes documented.

On a larger scale, I think am beginning to see where I want to take this package before it gets to version 1. The discovery of terminfo explained many of the brain-damaging things that terminials do. At the moment terminal support is still where it was at last version, but soon I plan to support anything in terminfo (over 2500 on my machine).

Microsoft Windows is also looming in the background. Fortunatly there is only one implementation to support there. Unfortunatly, it is missing some pretty serious functionality like readline that will have to be documented. Readline probably won't be required, but it does make some things so much nicer. Fortunatly, IPython has alreadly developed pyreadline, so I will probably piggy back off of that.

version 0.4 (2006-11-3)

Not much happened to the source code. This version features a reworked documentation system using pudge. I've also setup a build system and several other scripts so that things will scale nicely.

I added the rl module under terminate.io. It contains some classes for working with readline. This probably won't work on Win32 by default. Also the file_chooser function was added to terminate.io. It's a nice way to get a file from the user. It supports tab completion with readline. Of course Win32 will have issues with this as well. If you want to ensure cross-platform compatibility with these features wait until the next version.

0.3 (2006-10-19)

Third version. I lost my notes for this one. It was a fairly major rewrite of control and when I introduced support for Win32

0.2 (pre-history)

Second version. Added some features and removed some useless code. Mostly compatible with version 0.1 except for io.input_object().

0.1 (pre-history)

First relase. Wrote control, io, and io.casts